Used Tractors

A tractor is that one piece of earth moving equipment commonly found on all farms. Our used compact tractors are serving in spheres like livestock, dairy, mixed and arable operations, orchards, and fruit farms. Besides, these rugged machines are effectively employed in municipal and ground care operations. For every single type of operation you require, you’ll find plenty of tractors for sale here at Mico Cranes & Equipment. In addition to standard machines, we present narrow-track tractors, low-roof models and also a choice of platform or cab configurations. Our latest farm tractors are powered by powerful diesel engines with up to 22-hp while having four-wheel drive capabilities. All user-serviceable components are within easy reach. With our featured selection, you get more done with less fuel.

Technology That Delivers

The technology of tractors is getting more advanced each passing day. The extent of smart features incorporated creates key difference to the tractor`s performance. Various models have automated headland turning systems; others come with software that will work out the most economical way to work a field, virtually getting the entire project automated on its own. You may select from our used lawn tractors for sale to acquire the functionalities just right to help you on your site. They have hydro-static transmissions and come with two travel speeds, allowing for a wider field of motion. The air conditioned driver cabs are equipped with adjustable seats and ROPS systems. The front part of our farm tractor is uniquely designed to help with tire clearance and improve operator visibility. Mico Cranes & Equipment offers several used construction equipment for sale which ensure relaxed and comfortable operation for added productivity, without compromising on driving safety. Experience first-hand productivity, precision, and comfort these machines would bring to your business.